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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

We took the boys and Sasha to Seaside, OR for Labor Day. Amazingly, it wasn't crowded! I heard the weatherman forcast rain all day, but it ended up being sunny and beautiful, so we really lucked out. We stopped by McDonald's for lunch so the kids could have happy meals. We will never do that again! The kids were happy, but Aaron and I hated our food! It was aweful! bleh!
We hit the beach and built sand castles and played in the water for a good hour or more. Rohnan tried his first sand pie and thought it was lick smacking good! Everett was being very careful to not get wet, until he tripped, fell in the water, and then had a wave crash over him! Poor guy was really mad!
I was dreading Sasha doing her business on the beach since there were alot of people around, but I had a plan for bagging it and taking it the trash can. She decided she didn't want her poo in a bag though; she did her thing in the ocean! Guess it was nice that I didn't have to pick it up, and it cleared a bunch of people away from us! lol
We had dinner at a hole in the wall that had outside seating. Worked out great and Sasha got to eat with us! It always makes me happy when we can take the kids and the dog out with us.


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