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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beccah & Rohnan

Beccah looked at my blog and decided it was horrible that I don't have any pictures of her on it. I said, "Really?!" So now I'm making sure that I get plenty of pictures of Beccah, too. I realized I do most of my picture taking in the morning when she's at school, so I'm missing out on my favorite daughter! I'll try for some "I just woke up and hate mornings" pictures tomorrow. Beccah is alot like me and that means she is NOT a morning person!

Rohnan has his bottom middle teeth and his upper fang teeth! It's hilarious and perfect for Halloween! :) So I was trying to get some good shots of his teeth before anything else grows in. It turned into a great slideshow, he has such a cute smile:
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