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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beccah and Me

I thought I'd share what's been happening lately. Google broke and I can't upload my blog directly to my jillion.org website, so I've been trying to fix it and haven't been able to post for a while. I finally gave up and now I'll just host it on blogspot. The upside is I have more template options to choose from!

This picture was taken at Beccah's Girl Scout meeting last night. After school got out at 3pm, I loaded all the kids into the car and went to the gym. Aidan had Tae Kwon Do from 3:45-4:20, then a break, then Beccah had Tae Kwon Do from 5-6pm. I stuck the younger two in day care from 3:40-5:30. Spent the time Aidan was in class making Beccah do her homework and streching out because I was determined to start working out. When Aidan's class was over, we had to run (and I do mean run) to the bathroom because he had to go! Then we played together during the break because Aidan is too little and Beccah is too irresponsible to leave them alone in the gym while I walk on the track overlooking the gym. Then Aidan and I played basketball and ran around the gym on the lines while Beccah was in her class. At 5:30 we went to the day care to get the little two and then back to the gym so I could chase Aidan and Everett around. Luckily I brought the backpack so I didn't have to chase the baby too. (The Ergo Baby backpack is a life saver, Thanks Kim!) I worked up a sweat, but I don't think I actually 'worked out'...
After loading the kids back into the car, dropping the boys off at home with Aaron, switching cars (in case Aaron needed to take boys somewhere in the Odyssey), loading up all the stuff I needed for the scout meeting, Beccah and I headed over to Kim's house. So this is me after a full day of running around doing errands, chasing children, and toting kids to activities. I sorta worked out, no shower, no makeup, covered in kid stains, and in my work out clothes! I think it could be worse!
Of course Beccah always manages to look cute, even when she doesn't brush her hair...
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