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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Playing out back

We went to the park today and played. It was great! Rohnan sat in the stroller because Mama couldn't find his shoes, Aidan showed Everett how to climb up the bars and go down the slide. Mama forgot the camera.
We played for a good 20 mins before Everett got bored and tried to run away. Aidan had to 'go' and they were doing construction on the port-a-potty, so I thanked God boys can go standing up and let him pee in the grass next to the car. He thought that was great!! I thought not having to change urine soaked jeans was great!! :)
Everett was not done playing outside when we got home. Straight to the backyard to find worms. Mama got the camera out:

Now I have to clean the floor, they forgot to take their shoes off when they came in...


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