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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We have an animal of some sort that has found a way into the heater ducts in our crawl space. yuck! So I set a live trap for it in the crawl space in hopes of solving our 'mouse' problem. Only to come home late last night and hear a scurrying in the living room. Sasha pointed me to the fireplace (its a gas insert). Sure enough, it was under the fire place and it had come into the living room and grabbed one of Aidan's pajama tops that had (somehow) ended up on the floor. The pajama top was pulled half way into the grate at the bottom of the fireplace where the rodent had started chewing pieces off of it! They were a nice pair of flannel pjs that he got for Christmas!!
So now I think this is not a mouse. It must be more rat sized, or maybe possum sized... Mice can't pull articles of clothes, can they?? So now I don't think my live trap will work, and I have no desire to crawl around on my hands and knees in the muddy crawlspace with an animal living in the ducts over my head.
I know it's building a nest though, there are pieces of insulation coming up the vents when the heater turns on...

Seems like everytime there is construction in the area we get a new friend in the crawl space...


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