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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine Card Workshop

I hosted a Valentine's Day Card making workshop at our house yesterday. We had a bunch of kids glueing together cards with their moms, and most of them seemed to enjoy it! Even the boys! I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work Kari, Amy, and I put into it before hand, but once people showed up and got to work, I thought it was alot of fun.

I don't want to post a bunch of pictures of other people without their permission, so I just chose this adorable picture of Aidan and Conner. Conner is Jennifer's oldest son. They were SO sweet! They decided to share a chair while they munched on crackers. I have no idea why kids love saltines so much, but they can just eat bags and bags of crackers. Yuck, too dry without toppings! I have to hide the bags from Beccah or she'll eat an entire one by herself! I guess it's better than chips though. hehe

Today, I'm going to tackle the toys! Right after I get the boys dressed, the kitchen cleaned, and table leaves put away... well, maybe I'll get to the toys tomorrow! :)
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