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Friday, May 8, 2009

Softball Practice

I actually remembered to bring the camera yesterday at softball practice! Beccah is having alot of fun, and she can't wait for her first game! Hopefully it will be this Saturday, unless the rain cancels it again.

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Boys with Light Sabers

The sun was out for a bit today. So Aidan and Everett were having a Jedi adventure in the tall, tall grass. They were very cute for all of 10 minutes. Then they decided tv would be more fun and have been following me around begging and pleading and yelling at me to turn it on. How can Dora and Diego be more fun than pushing your brother off the bench with your light saber??
Rohnan very smartly keeps his distance and plays ball with Sasha.
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Even though they aren't twins, dressing them the same is still funny! Thanks mom! :) I'm sure they won't appreciate how cute they looked when they are odler, but oh well. I got to have my fun!
Rohnan loves to feed himself!
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Rohnan was home alone with me. I was testing out a new lipstick. He is adorably cute and I couldn't help myself!
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