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Monday, August 25, 2008

End of Summer and Kids

I have some really cute pictures I need to post! But until then two stories about the kids:

Beccah is 8 now and she wants to start wearing bras! We're going to do back to school shopping tomorrow (if all goes well) and I promised to get her a training bra! I'm so excited! She is too, but it's so amazing to watch your little girl hitting these coming of age milestones!

Aidan is still trying to get potty trained. He can pee in the toilet if he wants to, which isn't often. He tries to hold it all in if he isn't wearing a diaper. We decided that bribery is the way to go. We bought him Lego Star Wars the Video Game (all six movies) for the Wii (Everett scratched the old game beyond repair). It is currently hanging on the wall above the toilet for motivation. He can have the game to play if he pees and poops in the toilet. He went 7 hours today without a diaper and without pooping! As happy as I am that he peed in the toilet, I'm refusing to give in till he poops! And yes, I have pictures!

Looking back at this post, I wonder what I would have thought about reading something like this before I was a parent? lol

1 more week of summer break!


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