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Friday, November 28, 2008

Chubby Baby Legs

Rohnan is walking now, and those chubby baby legs aren't going to last long!
He's very proud of himself!
Poor Papa spends most of his time holding Rohnan's fingers to help him balance. He can stand for quite a long time by himself though, so I think he'll very quickly be running around the house with his siblings. Sasha is in for it, though. He loves to crawl around after her and 'pet' her face. She's going to be getting some exercise. hehe
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This week

This past week was quite busy. Had some old friends stop by from out of town. Got to meet their very cute baby girl for the first time. Beccah passed her subtraction test, so now she's on to multiplication and she's very excited. She also had her Tae Kwon Do belt testing and she passed that too! She is now a white and black belt (level 2). And probably our biggest news is that Aidan finally pooped in the toilet!!!! He is now officially potty trained! Only two more kids to go! I'm so happy!! :)

I have been using the video camera the past couple of days, so no new pictures. Got some pretty funny videos of the boys rough housing on the red couch. They are diaperless though (we were getting ready to go take baths) so I can't post them. I'll save them for blackmail purposes when they are teenagers. hehehehe

Friday, November 14, 2008

Family Picture

This is a picture of Aaron's grandparents on his dad' side. The little boy is Aaron's dad. I think he looks just like Everett! Thanks to Great Aunt Sydney for letting me borrow it!
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Halloween Again

I found some more pictures from Halloween! Aaron's parents took the kids to a church Halloween party and they got their faces painted:
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Everett has the best angry face. I finally managed to catch it on camera:
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Lego Fun

Aidan loves Star Wars and he's recently discovered Lego. Here he is after Aaron helped him put together a droid spider ship. He loves it when the droids say "Roger, Roger". And what a smile! :)
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

After School

Rohnan is trying mandarin oranges for the first time.
I think he likes them!
Aidan is working in his pre-school book!
Beccah is being forced to do homework. And I do mean forced, she hates subtraction with a passion!
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More Halloween

Here are a couple more pictures. This one was lighting challenged. The sun was going down and our camera really soaks up the light.
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Halloween was great this year! We had Darth Vador, Chewbacca, and Padme Amadalla! Everett slept through the whole thing, but his siblings love him enough to share their loot. Aaron took the kids out trick or treating and I stayed home to give out candy. I love seeing all of the cute kids in their costumes, what could be a better holiday!

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